Who Is Skulli_Gaming


 My real name is Pat, I am an content creator on Twitch and YouTube. I love playing wide variety of games. I enjoy Sandbox, Survival, FPS and MMOs. 


  I have been playing video games about as long as Atari 2600 has been out. I like MMOs, RPG's, Shooters. MMOs is my favorite type of game to play. My first MMO was Ultima Online. I have been playing and enjoying Elder Scrolls Online sense 2017. I currently play ESO on PC-NA. I would like to further my gaming love by creating more content. I plan on focusing more time into making video content. 


 I have been streaming sense 2015, I started streaming because of my love and enjoyment gaming. I am and have been a part of some great Gaming Communities. When I am not gaming and I am in down time mode, I enjoy traveling when I can. I enjoy Music, Tattoo Art and pretty much anything Movie Horror related.

Your Never To Young Or To Old To Game!